You've spent fortunes getting you bike to look just the way you want it.

You've spent hours cleaning and polishing until all that new fibreglass looks ace.
So why stop now?
Add those little finishing touches that will really make your bike stand out.

Check out our range of anodised tasty nuts, pro bolts, washers, oil caps, and lots of other little bits 'n pieces everyone else forgot about.

Whether you want light weight anodised aluminium Tasty Nuts or aircraft grade titanium Tough Nuts, we have a huge range.

All kits (engine kits, fuel cap kits etc.) are tailored to suit the specific make and model of your bike. You get you the correct number of components all the correct length and diameter to suit the job.

This growing range of colourful anodised nuts, bolts and accessories includes

anodised engine bolt kits
colored fairing bolt kits
colored screen bolt kits
fuel tank pro bolt kits
Tasty pre-load adjusters
Tasty reservoir caps
Coloured sprocket tasty nuts
Anodised top yoke tasty nuts
pro bolt Anodized paddock stand bobbins
Oil filler caps from tasty nuts
D-ring fasteners by pro bolt
Tasty cable adjusters
Anodised cable clips by pro bolt
Licence plate bolts by pro bolts at ARD Racing
tasty nuts cup washers
Colored bar ends from tasty nuts at ARD Racing
Tyre valve caps tire
Anodized workshop pro bolt kits
pro bolt
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